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The Testing Fixture for 6-Lead QFN SPDT RF switch

Neil Hao

Starts from 2021/Oct/21 to 2023/02/11 17:30 (Last Modification)


I purchased several SPDT RF switches which manufactured by a Chinese listed company. The chip’s footprint is 1.0mm x 1.0mm x 0.45mm 6-lead QFN package. The manufacturer did not provide S-parameters. Thus, I had to design the fixture and measure the S-parameters by myself.

The Testing Fixture for 6-Lead QFN SPDT RF switch

RF Specifications from the Datasheet

The De-embedded Measurements

S55 and S66 are original measurement data, S33 and S44 are de-embedded data:

S44 is ANTS33 is RF1 RF1 ENABLED

The measurement data conform to the Insertion loss and Return loss specifications in datasheet.

S77 is RF1 S88 is RF2ANT is terminated with 50 Ohm terminatorRF1 ENABLED

Unfortunately, the measurement data exceed the isolation specifications in datasheet.


The testing fixture meets my expectation for working within 0GHz to 6GHz. For the isolation, I think the IC may conform to the isolation specifications, because de-embedded algorithm cannot work with crosstalk problem. Crosstalk between the traces RF1 and RF2 on the PCB can downgrade the isolation.

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