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ESP32 Flash Download Tool

Neil Hao

Starts from 2021/Jul/27 to 2023/02/11 17:30 (Last Modification)


News: Upgraded version with power monitor feature ESP32 Flash Download Tool 2.

No. Description
1 Power Indicator
2 PTC Resettable Fuse (I hold = 0.5A, I trap = 1A)
3 USB Type C Socket
4 Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to UART Bridge
5 EN Button (S2)
6 IO0/BOOT Button (S1)
7 Header 2.54mm 2*3P
8 Header 2.54mm 1*6P
9 Header 2.54mm 1*6P
10 Header 2.54mm 1*6P

Minimum Target Systems


Note: Do not leave the EN (CHIP_PU) pin floating.


Pogo Pin Cable 2.54mm 1*6P

Connector Converter

This converter can convert from the 2.54mm 1*6P connector to 2.0mm 1*6P, 1.5mm 1*6P and USB Type C style connectors.


Note: All cables have to be configured in opposite manner.



ESP32 Flash Download Toolesp32downloader_sch.pdfVersion: 07 Aug 2021
Connector Converteresp32_connector_converter.pdfVersion: 30 Jul 2021


Mfr. Part # Description Datasheet
JK-NSMD050-13.2V Surface Mountable PTC Resettable Fuse: JK-nSMD Series jk-nsmd050-13.2v.pdf
ESP32-WROOM-32 Module ESP32 Series Datasheet esp32_datasheet_en.pdf


[1] ESP32 Auto Downloading Timing Problem (Chinese). Retrieved Jul 27, 2021, from (Local Mirror: esp32autodownloadtiming.pdf)

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